Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In The Yard

After several bitter cold days, it has warmed up enough that the snow is melting fast. The dogs and I went to check on happenings in the yard. The garlic seems to be okay- both early and late.

And the daffodils are shivering and huddled together, but holding their own. Think warm thoughts!
And Luna, who I believe is jet-propelled, ran faster-than-the-speed-of-light loops around all the bushes and other stationary objects. You know, just 'cause.


Meg said...

Oh, to see the little green shoots again. It is good medicine, no? I am so psyched that winter is almost over--perhaps a few more freakishly cold days or a snowstorm here or there and then, before ya know it, that light sheen of green will wash over everything. Thank goodness!

chaiselongue said...

Your garlic looks great! Unbelievable, what grows under the snow. And the daffodils will come up and flower ... spring is coming!

mamawhatthe said...

Ladies, I am sorry to replort that the latest news from the garlic patch is...mixed. The late garlic looks fantastic. I worried about it all winter, fearing it would rot in the ground. The early garlic, which came up in the fall, is having an issue. Some of it still looks great. And some of it has croaked. I pulled up one limp shoot and found a squishy bulb at the end, which, as you know, is not really a desirable trait in garlic. *hangs head in shame*