Thursday, June 11, 2009

Adolescent Onions

Is it wrong to admit that when I saw that my Walla Walla onions had advanced to this stage of development, my feelings were reminiscent of those I experience when I notice that my children have reached new milestones? I hope not.

I failed to record when I planted these onions. (But I can tell you the weather was terrible when I, literally, jabbed them in the ground. I thought I would lose them all. But happily, no!) And I don't recall when I'm supposed to harvest them. They're not ready yet, but things are certainly looking good. buzz.


lynn'sgarden said...

That's a healthy looking Walla Walla and I'm sure it'll be the sweetest onion you've ever I've never grown onion, or potatoes...not enough room! And I totally understand about the excitement :)

Susan said...

The Walla Walla onions are gorgeous. Im sure they will taste super.
I want to try onions and perhaps one day some potatoes. I have a tendency to want it all in my garden.
I have to go slow- we dont have the greatest growing season in my neighborhood!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

The onions look awesome! I'm growing them for the first time this year. -Jackie

Maggie said...

Lynn- I hope you are right. I imagine a homegrown Walla Walla would be hard to beat. This is my first year growing them. In hind sight, I didn't put in nearly enough onions. Live and learn.

Susan- I want it all in my garden too. You know, last year I planted a potato that had sprouted in the kitchen. I just chucked it in a pot with some soil and left it in the sunroom. It grew a terrific vine before I killed it with lack of water. This spring, I dumped out the pot and lo, there was a baby potato in there. I got sidetracked and dumped everything back in the pot and left it. No water. No light. Nothing. Would you believe that thing is growing? Two skinny little vines growing out of that pot, searching for light.

Jackie- What kind are you growing? Are they doing well? The stems on some of mine have either flopped over or been knocked over (by what, I'm not sure).