Monday, June 22, 2009

The Desperate Gardener

In the last few days I have mowed around the garden, trimmed around the garden, and pulled weeds in the garden. So why does it still look awful? Everything has grown so big with the abundance of rain. The potatoes vastly outgrew my ability to hill them and now sprawl for a couple feet either side of the potato bed. The tomatoes have shot up. I need to buy more stakes to tie up the rest of them. I need to harvest lettuce and chard. And the garlic... I just can't decide what to do there. I may have to harvest one or two to decide if I think they're really ready.

The compost bin back behind the shed is full, and I'm sick of hiking out there every time I have a handful of weeds. So I have started a mobile compost pile in a trash can. I have read pros and cons for this sort of thing. But so far, I am really liking it! The trash can I used is a plastic one with wheels. So I can pull it around behind me as I travel from bed to bed! After the equivalent of one day of use, it is full. The weeds have been my best crop so far this year. If I run out of other things to do, I may chop up the stuff already in the can with a string trimmer. Although I filled it to the top, so I'd probably have to take some out to do that. But it would probably be worth it. I could fit more in the can and it would break down much faster. I'll keep you posted. (You'll note in the picture that I haven't punched air holes in the can. I'll get to that...)
Here's another bit of desperation... I had planned to build at least one more garden bed, but just haven't had time. Meanwhile I've had several homeless plants sitting in a flower bed, being devoured by slugs. So, I threw down a couple bags of soil in the garden and planted right into the bags. It's ugly, and I'll have to be sure to water and fertilize those plants (unless, you know, they keel over). But I figure come fall, I'll just dump that soil into the new bed. Here is a terrible photo of my embarrassing gardening.
Yeah, wow... I can't believe I just posted that picture. I may have to change the blog name to The Garden Confessional...


Dragonfly Lady said...

Sometimes it feels as though the odds are against us, doesn't it with so many jobs!! But you only have to look back a few or your posts to see it's always worth the effort!

Hanging in there... tomorrow's another day!

Meg said...

Well, that's what happens to gardens, right? They start out all tidy and planned and then all hell breaks loose. Nature says, "Ha!" I think it is hilarious, and the sign of a true plantophile that you plunked seedlings right into torn open bags of topsoil. Go on with ya, now!

(horses coming July 8...)

Beegirl said...

Mother Earth News had a blip in one of their magazines about a garden where it was planted entirely in the soil bags. Really interesting... so really are right on target! Love your comment about the electric fence in the rain! Thanks!!

Sylvana said...

I couldn't see the bag garden photo at first, then I went back and it was there. I think that is a very good idea - especially for things like potatoes.

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Kimberly said...

Maggie, you've just become my best friend!!! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the photo, because I'd do the same thing. Oh well, this too shall pass! :)

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