Friday, November 14, 2008

A Miracle...

That's what it would be if I make my next birthday. I haven't posted in a while and here's why: After almost two weeks of a head/chest/flu-ish type thing, I moved directly into a week and counting of vertigo. Now, vertigo is kind of an up and down thing (ha!). Some days I'm up and around; some days I'm flat on my back praying the world will stop slipping out from under me feet. Yesterday was an up and around day. Actually, I've had several in a row- but yesterday was the one that really tested me. First thing in the morning, I scurried around the upstairs gathering papers to take downstairs to the recycling box. After collecting a sizeable load, I started down the stairs. Part way down, I stepped on some unseen object- I suspect a kitty toy, but the kitties aren't admitting to anything. The unseen object shot out from under my foot. My foot shot out from under me. The papers flew out of my arms, landing on the dog who was sleeping at the bottom of the stairs. And I went wump-wump-wump-wump-wump down the stairs on my tailbone, whacking one elbow against a stair, losing my glasses, and somehow knocking an ankle and my neck out of alignment.

Have you ever seen a big purple moon? No, I haven't either. But I am pretty sure that is what I would see if I could turn my body far enough to see my backside in a mirror.


Meg said...

Oh my god. I was getting worried...little did I know how worried I should be!

I'm so sorry. And I hope that this was the last event in the line up--flu, vertigo, fall down the stairs. Yeah, I think that oughta learn you your lesson! Sheesh!

Here's to better days ahead (and a good ice pack)!

chaiselongue said...

Oh dear ... I don't know where to start sympathising! But at least you got through it all and you've got your tomatoes! I'm still re-living the open car window moment - and I didn't even see it! What a nightmare! Keep valuing the good things ... and let's hope it gets better from now on.

mamawhatthe said...

Meg, With all that has been going on here I forgot you had posted this. Sorry! Are you feeling better yourself now?

chaiselongue, You know, it's funny (or weird?) but despite everything that has gone wrong lately, it really hasn't driven me mad like you might expect. Or maybe it has and I just didn't notice. For example, yesterday morning I tried to remove a new can opener from its packaging and ended up slicing my finger but good on the blade. It bled like crazy, but all I could do was laugh hysterically (and apply pressure).

I don't know what happened. A few short weeks ago, my life was not like this. Where did I go wrong? How do I fix it? :)