Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Did It

My children and I stayed up watching the election returns, and then, Obama’s speech. I cried. They were tears of relief, and more than that, of hope. I am honored to be alive at this moment in our history. I am thankful beyond expression that my children witnessed this moment.

I know that the whole world watched this election with us. And I know that we, the American people, have taken a huge step in the right direction toward regaining the respect of our global neighbors.

For any other politician, the tasks before Barack Obama would seem impossible tasks. But Obama’s life story itself is an “impossible” story, his win an “impossible” win. I have faith (more than I’ve had in a very long time) that if anyone can responsibly, successfully tackle these tasks, Barack Obama can.

And behind this singular, spectacular man… there was the movement. Inspired people from all walks of life, working together to bring the change they believe in. This was the most hopeful movement I have ever witnessed. This movement was a vote for hope. And if we, the people, continue to work together for the changes we believe in it would be hard not to move our country to a better place.

Yes We Can!


Meg said...

Can you believe it?! I am so happy and moved and excited and...satisfied! It was a weird two days for me as I attended a wake and then funeral for my sister-in-law. We stayed at my Dad's house in Cincinnati on Tuesday night and I was so happy to have a TV so that I could witness this amazing, historical event. So, I cried tears of grief and tears of joy in the same 24 hours. I'm a little rocked by all that emotion.

I am so grateful that our country got it right this time and I am so proud to have a leader I can respect and trust. Hell, yes we can!

PS: Are you really coming through Ohio? Open invitation if you want to stop by. I may not have kitchen cabinets yet, but I have a helluva view!

chaiselongue said...

Yes you can!!! A time of hope at last - we were watching with you here in France. Congratulations!

mamawhatthe said...

Meg, I am so sorry about your sister-in-law. The post you wrote for her was really touching. A fantastic tribute.

I am still a bit stunned that we managed to get Obama into office. Thankful, but stunned. It really breathes hope into my weary soul. And my children are jubilant. :)

Yes, I'll be headed west across Ohio on the 21st with kids and back east on the 22nd sans kids. And then back west again sans kids on the 30th, and east again with kids on the 1st. We meet their dad just over the IN border in the Angola/Fremont area. It's a heck of a drive, but not as bad as when I used to drive them the whole way to MN!

mamawhatthe said...

Chaiselongue, Thank you!! The man has an unfathomable task ahead of him- but it certainly feels like a new beginning, doesn't it?

Thanks for coming by. I have been reading your olive posts with great interest and will have to bookmark your blog so I can keep up with it. I am jealous of your mediterranean climate- but the way the weather patterns are changing here, I may soon enjoy it here. :)

Ewa said...

I cried too...
I am so proud and happy that you made this unimaginable (!) step in right direction. This will change the world and make the planet a better place.

Meg said...

Isn't it wonderful that the rest of the world is so happy for us after this election? I'm still warm and fuzzy.

Thanks Maggie, for the kind words about my sister-in-law. And yes, that is one heck of a drive you've got in front of you. I don't know if it ruins blog friendships to meet in person, but I'm just sayin', you are welcome to take a pit stop if you feel like it. I understand if you need to power-drive through, but know that you are welcome. : )

mamawhatthe said...

Ewa, Thank you! I think you are right; and I hope so. I haven't been so optimistic about my country's future in years. :)

mamawhatthe said...

Meg, You know, I have really been relishing Obama's victory- quietly, to myself. But there are a lot of Americans who are really unpleasant about it. I read an Australian woman's blog. She posted a happy post after the election and a nasty bunch of American sore losers really rained on her parade/blog. How rude!

Thank you for the invitation. :) I have been flat on my back for several days with VeRtIgO. Ugh!!! (I'd rather have a feverish flu...or maybe ebola). As a result, I am all out of whack and not really putting things together well at the moment. Let me check in closer to the trip. But meanwhile, why don't you email me and give me a better idea of where you are located so I can figure out what a stop would do to the drive. It would be fun to stop by after I ditch, er, drop off the kids. gottabelevis