Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Growing Challenge, New & Improved

Today I joined the updated Growing Challenge. The new twist is the challenge to raise crops from seed all the way through the growing cycle to harvest your own seed to use next year. Last year, I joined the challenge late and then fell out when life events allowed the indoor garden to collapse. (That was sad) So I am really looking forward to the opportunity to make good on my challenge this year.

Today is still chilly. But the backyard had dried enough that I could turn over a little bit of what will be the garden. It's actually the part of last year's tiny garden that didn't get planted to garlic (which is doing well, by the way). So I expanded that left over bit and will soon plant some spinach there. Stay tuned!


Meg said...

Ah ha ha! So glad to see you back! I was just thinking about Teak the other day. Don't ask me why, just was. Gardening is Good! I have been mucking around in my mud, getting excited and anxious to plant all sorts of things. It will be nice to have company along the way : )

mamawhatthe said...

Thanks Meg! Yes, I definitely have the spring planting itch too. What are you putting in this year? Oh- I don't think I mentioned it on your blog, but those aprons are darling! Did you use a particular pattern, or was that off-the-cuff?

Meg said...

I have no idea what I'm putting in the garden yet. My neighbor gave me seed catalogues and I want to grow everything! I'm going to try to keep myself in check, though, so that I can have some success with the basics--tomatoes, beans, etc.
My apron (!) was from a simple pattern and I had help from the lady who teaches me (for five dollars an hour--can you believe that?). Although I am proud of myself for figuring out how to halve the measurements and make one for granddaughter Maria all by myself : )