Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Maggie's Vinegar Pot

Well, it's here! After months of lusting after Laura's vinegar pot, I have finally managed to get one of my own. How did I manage this? I have people. I call them eBay.

My little pot has a history. I don't know the whole story, but the previous owner(s?) left clues attached to the pot. The Digoin sticker on the front suggests it was born in France. But on the backside is another sticker. This one is in German. But it was shipped to me from Virginia. Previously owned by a military family perhaps? I'll never know for sure. But I thank them for bringing this little pot across the ocean. And I look forward to putting it to work. Now I just need to find some mother and a spigot and we're in business... I'll keep you posted.


Meg said...

Woo, so much to comment on! First--how pretty is your blog! I like the new background!

The future mega-garden plot looks great. And hey, gardeners have to be ruthless. My old backyard was soooo shady. We had a giant oak tree in the middle of it and a large maple in the back corner. It was hopeless. I understand and support your decision to oust the pine tree. Do it!

Your place looks almost rural in the picture. I didn't imagine it that way.

I remember reading about the vinegar pot on your blog last year. I followed the link to Laura's. Fascinating. I had no idea it worked that way. I like the pretty blue!

chaiselongue said...

It's beautiful - lucky you! It'll make delicious vinegar, I'm sure.

mamawhatthe said...

Thank you ladies! I will keep you posted on my vinegar making exploits.

Meg- I assure you I am well entrenched in the suburbs (against my will!). I like the back view; but perhaps I will post a front view so you can get the full flavor of my hell, er, neighborhood.