Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Growing Challenge

A long overdue post on the Growing Challenge...

Almost all my seedlings were decimated by cute but gardening-illiterate kitty. So, I direct seeded a few tiny patches of spinach, radishes, and rocket in the few not-pouring-rain days we've had here. One of the radish varieties is an heirloom called "Watermelon". It's white on the outside and watermelon red on the inside. A confused radish, to be sure. This variety may be one I will save seeds from. I haven't tried it before. But it's doing well so far.

Actually, everything I direct seeded is doing well so far. This is a bit of a surprise for me, but a very happy one. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm more than a little odd when they see me standing in the rain gazing lovingly at the sprouts in the garden.

It's just that I'm completely awed by how strong, compact, and GREEN these seedlings are in the garden. No matter how much light I give them in the house they are never quite so robust inside. I suppose they have to be strong to survive outside. I sincerely wish I had just a little bit more of whatever gives them that survivability.


Meg said...

Oh, Maggie! Just caught up with you. Your yard looks gorgeous--so many things in bloom! It is pouring rain here right now, too, so I feel your impatience to get out and get things planted. I was wishing I could borrow your tractor thingy the other day when our ancient tiller kept stalling--though who could blame it since we were trying to go through pure sod packed hard from all the freaking trucks that drove across it last summer. Ergh.
I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles with health and health insurance. Of course everything is relative and we don't have anything to complain about when compared with, say people in Darfur. But, life is difficult for everyone to whatever degree it can find a way to be, I think. (does that make sense?) We're all going to be faced with difficulty--no matter what. My point is, you don't need to apologize. And I wish you strength in the face of it. From where I see you, I think you are as resilient as the seedlings. I love the way you find humor in it all. You could write a book, or at least an essay on that neighbor of yours. good god!
Cheers, friend. And here's to a little bit of dry so that we can till/plant soon!

mamawhatthe said...

Oh thank you Meg! That was just the comment I needed. I know how lucky I am. But lately I've just felt like throwing a tantrum! It's not a pleasant feeling. I appreciate your encouragement. :)