Monday, April 27, 2009

Garden Folly

Sometimes I wonder what I did to draw the wrath of the garden gods. Surely, there must have been something. I have had a box of seed potatoes waiting for about a month for the weather to cooperate enough for me to get their new bed built and plant them. During our recent rainy streak, I built the bed, in two parts, in the sunroom. When the rain broke, Patrick and I finished assembly in the yard and I filled the bed. Early this weekend I finally planted to potato bed and watered them. And then yesterday, it hit the low 90's here. I fear I now have an entire bed of steamed potatoes. I suppose time will tell. Wish me luck, Please!

In other news, the oca I potted up have started sending up sprouts. It's very exciting! The leaves are still quite small; but I will try to post a photo soon. Fortunately for them, they are still in the shady sanctuary of the sunroom and have not been baked, boiled, or steamed.

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