Friday, April 17, 2009

Yesterday's Garden

Okay, I admit the shot of the garlic leaf isn't exactly in keeping with the flowers. But the water made such beautiful designs on the garlic leaves I had to include at least one. The hellebores were beaten a bit by the rain. I had to hold them up to get a picture. But look at the petal shading! Can you see the rose bushes spaced between the tulips? That bed contains, front to back, crocus, hyacinth, tulip and roses, plus the clematis at one end. I didn't plant this bed. The previous owner set it up for successive blooms so there's always a show. The last pic is of the pear tree I was given last year. We thought it was dead, so it spent the winter in its pot on the patio out back near the dryer vent. My bad. Not dead. Look at that show! Now, I just hope I didn't kill it by leaving it in the pot all winter. Trees can die from stresses they experienced years earlier. Yet another MG class tidbit.


chaiselongue said...

Beautiful hellebores - I've never grown them. Must try next year. And the garlic is lovely too, just as important as the flowers!

neelam said...

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