Saturday, September 27, 2008

Belated Grapes and, Ta-Da! A New Baby!

I believe I had promised to post a picture of the grapes from our Concord vines. Here it is. Aren't they gorgeous? Perhaps I am easily amused, but I am just amazed by these grapes. I've never even been a big grape fan!

Yesterday's mail brought two boxes. One contained this new baby. It's a Dwarf Cavendish banana tree. We have a sunroom in our new house and I am determined to fill it will lovely plants I've never been able to have before. I'm so happy with this little tree I'm wondering if it should have a name? Any suggestions? Do other people name their banana trees, or is it just me?
The other box that came in the mail yesterday contained an amusing assortment of seedlings I ordered for my new "experiment." The above-mentioned sunroom will be the grounds of my first attempt to grow food indoors during the winter. I'll post pics when the seedlings are all potted and presentable.

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