Monday, September 29, 2008

Worm Bin Redux or The Race Is On!

Having decided to start a worm bin, I read up online about how to make my own. I want an indoor bin, for easy access, proximity to the plants that will be the beneficiaries of the worms' efforts, and because I just know I won't hike to an outdoor bin with food scraps mid-winter. Post-research, I can tell you I've settled on the rubbermaid bin approach.

I purchased two ten-gallon plastic rubbermaid bins and was all set to drill air and drainage holes in them when it occurred to me that I, the daughter of an engineer, might be able to come up with something just a little more interesting, something that might help me avoid some of the vermi-pitfalls I've read about online. Ho ho! This will be fun! Besides, I have a good week or so before my worms arrive...

There were a few emails back and forth with Bentley, the Compost Guy from Red Worm Composting (see last post)- and then he slips in, "Oh, by the way, your worms shipped today. Got them out early. Should arrive Wednesday or Thursday."

That's great! I'm giddy with excitement! But, hmmm...hmm.... that means... I have to start and finish the bin project tomorrow! Should I just go with the standard internet bin plans? Play it safe? Nah... where would the sport be in that?!

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Worm Casa Saga...

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