Friday, September 19, 2008

I Love Freecycle!

When I first joined my local freecycle list, I felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of posts that came through. It wasn't long before I was on the brink of unsubscribing for that reason alone. I mean, who has time to go through that many posts each day? But, almost right away I found a few things I could use and was able to rehome a few things I no longer needed but which really weren't trash. That was pretty cool. Now, several months later, I am still at it. I have resigned myself to doing a couple quick daily scans and dumps of the emails that don't interest me. But listen to what I have received from other recyclers for my efforts!

Most recently, I picked up a full-size carpet cleaner. The lady who gave it away said it worked but leaked and she didn't know why and had given up on it. Within a week of picking it up, my dog became ill and ended up, um, "leaking" from both ends all over my carpet (see yesterdays post). He's doing much better after a trip to the vet. And now my carpet is doing much better too, thanks to my freebie carpet cleaner. And as for the leak, after a quick exam, my novice opinion is that a seal wore out. The Hoover website sells replacement seals for about $1.50. I think I can swing that!

Before the carpet cleaner, I picked up a small, bagless, upright vacuum that a lady was offering because one wheel kept falling off when she used it. I looked at it after I picked it up and saw that a little plastic tab that holds the wheel on had become pushed in too far. I carefully repositioned it as best I could. For the most part, the wheel now stays on. The occassional wheel escape does not bother me and here's why... This little vacuum is the best vac I have ever owned! It sucks up everything! And there's no bag to mess with. I pop the canister out, dump it, pop it back in, we're good to go!

I have also picked up: plants for my garden, an awesome pedestal table, enough cement blocks to build a raised garden bed, a rollaway bed for guests, and a number of other things. The price for all this? Nothing but my time and a little gas money.

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StripyPixieSocks said...

Freecycle is a wonderful place here in the UK too!

I have both given and picked up lots of wonderful things over the past couple of years!

Our latest item was a water butt for collecting rainwater in :D

Happy Freecycling!!