Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Garden Photos

I have had a bunch of garden pics sitting in my camera for quite a while and finally decided to share them here with whomever may be reading. We moved into our house the last few days of April this year. We did put in a small veggie garden and a few flowers; but most of our current garden came with the house.

This first one is of my "baby grapes." I was so excited when I realized the three mature Concord vines out back were really doing their thing. The result... baby pictures, naturally.

I am probably supposed to thin these out or something. I don't know. I've never had grape vines before! I don't have a photo of the mature grapes. But I do have a bowl of them in the fridge, so perhaps tomorrow I will snap a quick pic for an update. They are dark and lovely, and the grapiest smelling grapes I have ever encountered. My plan for the ones in the bowl is to make jelly. This is actually my second attempt- although the first attempt only failed because it took me so long to get around to it that the grapes got tired of waiting and went bad. What can I say? Life gets busy sometimes!

This one is of the hydrangea as it was just getting started. I was especially curious to find out if it would display pink or blue flowers. Well, it had both, plus various shades of purple! I'm not sure exactly what that says about the soil in our yard. But it made for a very pretty bush!

Here's another shot later showing a little more color. And that will have to be it for now as I seem to be far too tired to get this formatted properly. We'll give it another try tomorrow.

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