Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Friends

Yesterday we had company. Some friends we hadn't seen in waaay too long came for a few hours. It was wonderful.

Gina is an artist. She's currently doing, for the first time, illustrations for a childrens book. She brought her "progress" over to show us- and it is really neat to see the process! She is adding "background enrichment" to her illustrations- that is, stuff that wasn't specifically mentioned in the book but which gives children a lot to examine (and learn from, hopefully). I love what she's done with it; but we discussed the possibility that the author might not be too impressed. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Personally, I think there is a real need for the kind of details Gina has added. So many childrens books are all fluff, no substance. But what she is doing takes what is really just "a cute story" and uses it as a springboard for really stimulating young minds. Go Gina!

We talked about our boys and their "handwriting issues." My daughter pulled up the SNL Palin/Clinton skit because Gina hadn't seen it yet. She loved it. Natch. And I got to complain about my tree assaulting crazy neighbor.

It was a good time. But too short.

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