Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why I'm Disappointed With McCain

So, for some as yet undetermined reason, my dog needed to go out every couple of hours last night. This made for very poor sleeping, but offered plenty of time to reflect on the current election. And I have to say, I am extremely disappointed- no, beyond that- I've graduated to angry- with John McCain. I used to have a fair bit of respect for the man; although I've never been in complete agreement with his positions on the issues (or anybody else's, so no real biggie there). But for somebody who made it this far in the pursuit of the presidency, I feel like McCain is dangerously sophomoric in his decision-making. I just want to shake him and shout "You're not running for prom queen!" in his face. Here's why:

1. McCain knew he had the republican nomination in the bag months before Clinton and Obama quit swinging at each other. How did McCain use that "gift time" to prepare for the looming race? Well, I dunno. Vacation maybe? But here's what he apparently didn't do: prepare a detailed plan for how he would bring about real change if elected, tell the wacko party extremists to shove it, come up with a coherent plan to confront the democrats and prevent this election from causing voter brain death like so many of the most recent elections.

2. How long has the McCain camp been shouting at us that McCain is a maverick who stands up to Washinton-as-usual? And yet he caves to the extreme portion of his party and picks a wholly unqualified individual as his VP rather than someone we could take seriously.

3. McCain had no trouble finding his balls when it came to accusing the Obama campaign of sexism for stating the obvious about Palin. But it seems to me that if Palin had been exactly who she is but UGLY, McCain wouldn't have chosen her. Ever. THAT, my friends, is sexism. And again, this is not the prom!

4. Picking Palin: This, in my book, amounts to reckless endangerment of our entire nation. Once again, the rest of the world has a good reason to laugh at us- and to be very, very afraid. And it is more than a little cocky of McCain to be so confident that there is no possibility Palin could have to take over for him. Sometime it happens. Would HE want to find himself depending on her ability to make world-affecting decisions?

5. His Madagascar-esque campaign style. "If you have any poo, fling it now."

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