Thursday, October 2, 2008

Biden-Palin "Debate"

Can we just talk about this "debate" for a moment? I promise I'll get back to the happy stuff afterwards...

First, let me just say that Palin's handlers did a really good job prepping her to the "basic foreign issues" level of knowledge. Not foreign policy; but to the level of being able to drop names... names I strongly suspect she was previously entirely unfamiliar with, such as Ahmadinejad. Clearly, she was not prepped to the level of being able to actually engage on foreign policy issues or economic issues. Which brings me to what irks me so much... She was not there to debate. She said as much herself. When did it become acceptable to go to a debate and announce that you don't plan to answer the questions? Buy an ad lady!

I have to admit that Palin had me smiling when she spoke. But it wasn't a smile of agreement. I can appreciate her skill at "folksiness", although I think the winking at the camera bit is going too far. For this voter, at least, that is the wrong angle to take. Sarah Palin wants me to believe she's so much like me she understands my concerns. She's one of us! Well, yep... she is just like your neighbor. Would you put your neighbor in the White House? I wouldn't put any of mine there.

So, in the end, my opinion of Palin is not really changed. She still misuses vocabulary. She still relies upon verbiage (which btw Sarah, is a word I can use correctly). She still relies heavily upon making a "connection" with the voters, and avoids anything substantive. She's all gussy, no guts. She brought a good show, but had little to add to the conversation.

Biden, I thought, had a pretty good night. He managed to not shove his foot in his mouth. And he clearly demonstrated his knowledge and experience. He also was able to offer specifics about the Obama-Biden "plan" and to humanize himself to voters by sharing an emotional, personal, and traumatic aspect of his own life. Two actually. The mention of his first wife's death was touching, but in a wholly to-be-expected way. It was a little bit unexpected to see this seasoned senator convey his emotions surrounding his son's deployment. It is easy to expect our senators to be emotionally removed from the decisions they make with regard to war. It is good to be reminded that they are personally invested in this too. It's not just a job.

Actually, come to think of it, I think maybe Biden presented himself better than Palin, McCain, and Obama. Go Joe!


Rebsie Fairholm said...

I agree with you!

In a sense it's none of my business because I'm a British citizen and have no vote in the US elections. But at the same time it is my business because the result of US elections has a major impact on other nations across the world.

To me the selection of Sarah Palin looks like a cynical stunt with no purpose other than to (try to) appeal to a popular audience. She talks like a chat-show guest or a motivational speaker rather than a politician. All this winking and "darn right" nonsense is a pretty shallow cover for her lack of substance or insight.

It is strange that after attacking Obama for being a "media celebrity" and for being "inexperienced" they invalidate their own argument by bringing in this TV-ready glamour girl who repeatedly shows herself to be embarrassingly clueless.

mamawhatthe said...

Hi there! I have to say I enjoy your blog, but I have to read it in the morning when I'm not exhausted or else I can't wrap my mind around pea genetics. :) No, actually plant genetics is something I'd like to learn more about- so if you have any reading suggestions, please feel free to send them my way!

In other news... I agree that the US election is your business. Economies have become so interwoven that, like it or not, we will rise and fall together (and falling always happens faster!). Plus, we are "allies" and I would imagine bankrupt allies aren't much help in a pinch.

In my view, McCain has repeatedly shown us that he didn't have a plan. He keeps punting. I view that as a very reactionary mechanism, and not real leadership. I would like a leader with more vision than that, please!