Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Nuked The Leaves...And, Baby Beans!

So... after wasting a lot of time hemming and hawing about it, I went ahead and nuked the leaves in the microwave before putting them in the worm bin. I can tell you that 30 seconds is NOT long enough, because after 30 seconds I opened the door and found a rather disoriented flying bug stumbling about. Sorry! But nuking it a bit longer works fine, didn't start a fire, and provides a neat visual show as the leaf pile shrinks (due to water loss, I assume). So there you have that!

Even more exciting...and this also falls under "how could I be so stupid"... remember that bean flower that crumbled in on itself? Um hmm... yep, it's formed a baby bean. It is absolutely the cutest baby veggie I have ever seen. Naturally, my camera refuses to capture this awesome cuteness. But I will try to find a camera that will be more accommodating so I can share this. Woo hoo! Beans a'comin'!


Meg said...

Thank goodness for punctuation, because I was scared you nuked the baby beans. Gosh!

I'm assuming that you are not using this as a way to compost all the leaves in your yard, but only to feed the worms something yummy? Perhaps they'd like a bernaise sauce with those leaves. You might get busy with that, you know. They're hungry! : )

mamawhatthe said...

The baby beans are safe from me, for now...muahahaha!

Good heavens woman! I have six tenths of an acre of leaves to compost. They are not all going in my microwave! Actually, a great many of them just went into the bottom of a new raised bed out back. No, I just wanted to try something more natural than shredded paper for the worms. So far, I'm not sure they care one way or the other. But I can tell you this with certainty...there will be no bernaise sauce! In fact, I was just thinking about posting the reasons why I need eine hausfrau, and the whole kitchen thing is right at the top of that list!