Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tomato And Potato And Teak, Oh My!

Just a few quick photo updates. The following are: a shot of some of the tomato flowers forming in the sunroom; the potato sprouting in the sunroom; and Teak, keeping an eye on things.

Good Dog.


Meg said...

Okay, first--Teak is the most beautiful dog! I love that red color of...he's a golden retriever, right? He's just a real beauty.

And second, your winter gardening goals are impressive. I'll be watching with interest as the season wears on. I'd like to have a green house/hoop house one day so that I can pull off the four-season garden here in the gloomy Ohio winters. Thanks for experimenting for me!

And third--don't know what kind of camera you have, but perhaps it has a "macro" setting? That's what I use on mine when I want a close-up, or I'm shooting something within 12 inches. My camera uses a flower symbol to indicate that the macro is on after I press the little button. Just a thought.

Oh, and fourth--very strange about the tree branch. hmmmm.

mamawhatthe said...

Teak and I thank you, Meg! Yes, he's a "golden" retriever. Red is not uncommon in the field dogs; although in the show lines they have bred to an almost white dog.

I am happy to experiment for you! :) I hope to have a hoop house/greenhouse sometime too. I'm actually toying with the idea of building a moveable hoop house out of pvc, pvc clips, and plastic- and some sort of arrangement to keep it pinned to the ground.

You may be right about the camera! Yes, I have a little flower symbol too. I will have to experiment. (Although at this point, I have pushed so many buttons I have probably really mucked it all up.)

Tree branch... I know. It was surely a "what the..." moment. Oh, what I would give for a little house on a big patch of land...