Friday, October 10, 2008

The Sunroom Garden Grows

I finally remembered to take a few pics in the sunroom before it got too dark. One of projects nearing the top of my list is to build a more proper work table out there for the sunroom garden to hang out on. But for now, things will have to continue resting on the floor or perched precariously on lawn chairs.

Can you see them? These are radish sprouts I planted in the gap left when I pulled out the dying bean plant. These babies were poking though the soil the third day after I planted them. I am always amazed by germination! I had hoped to have a close-up shot of one of the baby radishes. But my camera and I have been having some rather heated disagreements over whether or not it should focus properly for close-ups. Personally, I feel I have made some good arguments; yet the camera continues to win.

Next up, an update on the new banana tree. Can you see the new leaf it has popped out the top there? I have really been enjoying watching this tree grow. How does it make such large leaves so quickly?

In the same picture, but in the background, you can see my tub-o-celery. I haven't grown celery before; but I think this looks like it is doing pretty well. I may have too many plants in the tub. But space is at a premium in the sunroom, so I am taking my chances there.

The tomato seedlings I received recently were really leggy when they arrived. I am hoping they will out a bit. But already the cherry tomato is setting fruit. Don't those little buggers grow fast?!

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