Monday, October 13, 2008

Debate, A Bit Late

Some of you may be wondering why I never blogged on the second presidential debate. The reason is... I found it just too depressing. Seriously, I found the debate actually painful to watch. I thought both Obama and McCain stumbled through the first part. Obama eventually found his groove, although he didn't offer up any new info. That would have been nice. But McCain... oh, it just hurt. And I'm not even planning to vote for him. Still, I felt I was watching the undoing of a man who, perhaps, should have quit while he was ahead. And the whole time I listened to him I kept thinking "That's not McCain, but I know who it is...if I could just remember..." And then, the next morning, I did remember. It was Ronald Reagan. Now, Ronald Reagan doing Ronald Reagan is one thing. But McCain doing Reagan is just creepy. And that, I think, was what bothered me so much- McCain came off as a creepy old man who has no plan. This will probably be McCain's last presidential bid, and frankly, "creepy old man" is not how I want to remember a man who has given so much to his country.


Meg said...

I don't have a TV right now, so all I can do is listen to the debates on NPR. It is a weird exercise--not being able to see the body language and facial expressions. I must say, that the debates so far have been so boring. In fact, have given me a headache. Literally. I was so impressed by Obama's earlier statements about his minister and how we should talk to other nations instead of bullying them around--but that was all before the real campaign got underway, and now everything is homogenized. Talking points over and over and over again by each candidate. I dunno--would I do if differently if I were in their shoes with so much at stake--I can't say. Should they trust us (the American people) more and say what they really think? I wish they would. I don't know if I'll listen to the final debate. But, then again, I don't want to miss something good if it does happen.

Meanwhile, how are the worms doing? Any more escapees?

mamawhatthe said...

Would you believe that I can actually HEAR the worms working their magic? When I open the bin I am greeted by a gentle munching sound. Ah, the sound of contented worms. Actually, the worms seem to be really settling in and doing their thing. At first, I had to mist them every day and I was afraid I had cut the ventilation holes too big. But now that they are working things seem to have regulated themselves. It's very exciting. :)

As for the election... I agree- it is headache inducing. I, too, wish the candidates would trust us more. And yet... I am surrounded by people I know do not pay attention to the details. If the candidates go beyond the "what's in it for me" bits people start to tune out. Yet the candidates are still counting on those same people to vote for them, so they can't risk pushing them to tune out. It's really a sad commentary on our society. A year ago November the kids and I went to London. We were so impressed by how much the average citizen knew about their political environment. It really drove home for us how little the average American knows. When did civic responsibility cease to be an American value?

~shaking it off~ How was your trip? Wonderful?