Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Last Debate, Thank Goodness

Well, as anticipated, John McCain came out swinging tonight. If he had done that weeks ago it might have helped him. But I would be surprised if it does now. He made a much, much stronger showing tonight than in the last debate. But he really turned me off. In fact, the amount he turns me off has increased with each debate. I really dislike the "divide and conquer" approach McCain has taken in his campaign. He has run the most negative campaign during my voting life- and yet tonight he shrugged it off as if to say "all's fair in war." I don't want a president who goes after his adversaries like he's rabid. I really like the way Obama can face down a vicious attack and simultaneously explain himself and redirect the conversation to an issue of substance. Now, I'd like it even more if he'd get into more details about those issues of substance. But I understand that there is only so much you can cover in a two minute response. It will be interesting to see if he provides any new info in his half-hour ads that will be running... hmm, I think it's Oct 29? Is that right? But honestly, I am ready for the campaigns to end. If nobody's going to tell us anything new, let's just vote.


Meg said...

So glad to hear that the worms are contained and doing their job. The drug-addled teenagers must have had an intervention! I'm really thinking of starting my own bin and will use your guy as a source when I'm ready. Trotting out to the "country compost" pile where I throw scraps into the woods will soon become no fun at all.

Again, I only heard the debate, and did not see it last night. (I think this could be a tactic to get people to really listen to what's being said--though I guess that won't happen, huh?) From my point of view, McCain went down in flames. I heard him grasping at all the last ditch attempts to cast doubt on Obama's integrity and experience and it was, well--pathetic. I realize that Obama isn't going to fix everything if he becomes president, but I would feel so much more hopeful with him at the helm--if for no other reason than I think that the rest of the world might think that we aren't all crazy over here.

And you are right, of course, that lots of people in American don't want to think beyond sound bytes. I read the article in the current New Yorker about my own state of Ohio and was shocked and saddened by the outright racism and ignorance (is that redundant?) that is present here. I've got a naive repsonse to the world, I know. I'm always thinking, "oh, most people are smart and open and trying to understand the world and themselves." I have to live in that space, though, in order to keep going. Being the change I want to see in the world and all that.

Which leads to seed saving...ha ha! (See, your blog really does flow.) An excellent post by Laura. What she says about the corporatization of seeds is also true of plants used for pharmecuticals. Drug companies actually try to patent plants. Telling indigenous people that they can't grow and harvest and use the very same plants that they helped the drug company understand. I'm not sure if they've been succesful, but I know they've tried.

Alright, I'm shaking it off now and am posting about my new kitten. Ha! Yes, that's what I believe in--kittens for everyone and the world will be a better place! : 0

mamawhatthe said...

Meg, I hope some of your optimism will rub off on me. Since the last debate, my neighborhood- no, my TOWN- no, no, it's the whole COUNTY- has been blanketed in McCain-Palin signs. And not just the little ones you usually see in yards. I'm talking big honking ginormous billboard signs. Why? What did these people see? It scares me (and not much does!) that so many people are so drawn to a ticket that has repeatedly failed to demonstrate how it will help ANYONE. Even if you disagree with Obama's positions, a reasonable person would be hard pressed to argue that the man doesn't have a plan. So what this tells me is that there are ALOT of people who would prefer to elect an incompetant woman and an out of touch old white guy, despite the most negative, divisive campaign run in a long time, despite the worst organized campaign in a long time, despite the utter lack of demonstrable planning- over an educated, articulate guy with a plan who has teemed up with a respected, experienced veteran of the "game." It's as if my neighbors are saying "To Hell with reason!"

And you know, I have been hearing alot about Obama's desire to "socialize" health care- as if he has suggested reinstating the gulag. But what we're really talking about here is simply employing the discounts associated with economies of scale- which large corporations currently enjoy, but small businesses and individuals are hard pressed to get in on- and applying those economy of scale discounts to- wait for it- EVERYBODY. How hard is this to understand? Why are people against providing all our citizens with preventative care and appropriate treatment? It will save alot of individuals (and businesses) alot of money in the short run and it will save TONS of money in the long run.

OMG, I need chocolate. The polarization that is occurring in this country just kills me. Must. Find. Chocolate.