Monday, October 20, 2008

The Growing Challenge!

I've joined the Growing Challenge! Check out my cool little challenge doodad over there to the right, and then click through to Melinda's site to learn more (and join in). The challenge is to grow (at least) one new fruit or vegetable and grow it from seed. And then post about gardening (at least) once a week. Easy enough, huh? (Oh, and you're supposed to tell Melinda your zone and where you are, which I forgot to do- Zone 7, Maryland)

At the moment, the sunroom winter garden includes: a pot-o-celery, three tomato plants, four not-dead-yet bush beans and one ha-ha-I'm-immune-to-whatever-you-have bush bean (with any luck at all I'll save seed from that one), several radish seedlings (those that survived being pounced on by the kitten), one yellow pepper plant brought in from the garden, a pot of mint, two pots of basil, a just sprouting potato plant, and the Dwarf Cavendish banana. Oh, and a flat of spinach that should germinate soon. And two giant aloe pups given to me by a fellow freecycler. That might be it. Oh... nope... also a bucket of flowers I couldn't bear to see succumb to the frost. That might be it. So far. But I really do need to start some more seeds.


Melinda said...

Wow - you're growing tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes in the winter - I'm very anxious to see how that goes! Welcome to The Growing Challenge. : )

mamawhatthe said...

Thanks Melinda! And thanks for stopping by. I have really been enjoying checking out the other Growing Challenge bloggers blogs. Although I have spent far too much time doing so today. :)