Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Bad Dogs In The Garden

So, I have this lovely picture of the radishes and arugula/spinach mix that came out of the garden the other day. This picture shows what was salvageable after two very bad dogs went on a rampage in the garden. They tore up all the spinach, all the Cherry Belle radishes, most of the Watermelon radishes, and most of the arugula. They ate the tops off a few of the garlic plants, stomped a few of the onions, and dug up all but one terrified bean plant. BAD DOGS!

I discovered the carnage when I carted the 75 strawberry plants I've had in the refrigerator out to the new bed for planting. My heart may have stopped momentarily before kicking into panicked overtime. I will admit that I considered dogicide; but I refrained.

Next garden goal... install fence around entire garden area. And for those of you wondering what possessed my darlings Teak and Luna to go mad in my veggies... after the fact, it occurred to me I had applied a liquid fish solution fertilizer the previous evening. What was I thinking? Probably something like "ummm, veggies...". Such is life, no? We carry on.


Meg said...

Isn't that funny? Whenever I'm gone for awhile, you're writing like crazy and sometimes vice versa...
Wow, sheep, "dranks," radishes, handmade shopping bags, woodland garden tours--dang woman! I love it all. Except I don't really love radishes in the culinary sense. A "radish relish" made by an old boyfriend sent me to the hospital once. (maybe it was on purpose? he was kind of weird--aren't all old boyfriends that way) And I haven't eaten a radish since. But they are pretty! Or purdy as we might say if we drink dranks on a regular basis.

I can't believe your dogs tore up your garden. I would have cursed like a sailor and pulled my own hair. Fish emulsion, huh? Well, there ya have it. Onward we forge!

The Impatient Gardener said...

They were just trying to help with the harvest!

Maggie said...

Meg! Welcome back! Radish relish? Yes, that sounds like a taste symphony that could hide any number of poisons. It sounds like something you might hear about in an episode of Murder, She Wrote. Am I dating myself? And yes, I said things to the dogs I would not have liked my neighbors to overhear. And I thought I was home free, until the shed next door started belly-laughing.

Impatient Gardener, thanks so much for coming by! But I think I would prefer to do without that kind of help!