Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Weird Radish Tasting

I was going to title this post The Great Radish Debate. But since it was really more of a question (from chaiselongue) than a debate, and not so much great as weird, I just felt that wouldn't be quite honest. Chaiselongue asked if the off-colored radishes (purple and white) that came out of the Cherry Belle bed tasted differently from the reds I was expecting. This question hadn't occurred to me before I ate the first batch, but when the bad, bad dogs dug up the rest of the bed I was presented with another purple. So! Tonight was an impromptu radish tasting. Lo and behold- there was a difference. First, the radishes looked different when cut open. The red was fairly uniformly colored inside, whitish, but with a slight yellowish tinge. It had the usual supermarket radish flavor, only fresher. There was a slight kick up front, followed by slightly more of a kick to finish. The purple radish, however, was much whiter inside, but with areas that were almost translucent mixed in. The initial taste was slightly watery, followed by a big bang at the end. i never would have guessed this! So thanks, Chaiselongue, for prodding my inquisitive side. What else can we test?!

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