Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miracle Cliff-dweller Beans

Yes, it's true. There's been a miracle at Casa Uh-Oh. I've been dragging my feet on filling in the dog craters in the bean bed. There's just been too much to do, and, honestly, I've been praying for a miracle. I'm tired of replanting beds the dogs dug up. Lo! The garden gods have had mercy! Check out my miracle cliff-dwelling beans. I don't know how they managed to avoid the nimble paws of Luna. I'm guessing they pulled up their roots and ran for it. However they did it, I'm really glad to see them. And now that the garden fence has a gate, hopefully they will live full and fruitful lives.


Jimmy and Wade said...

We have had problems with the girls digging in the gardens as well. But usually they are after chipmunks. Last week they destroyed three lillies with very little effort.

Frances said...

Hi Mama, oh too funny and very tough survivalist type beans too. We have that problem with squirrels and cats. We have found sticks of rosemary puts them off nicely. Don't know about dogs, but they have a very keen sense of smell. It might work, but the fence sounds like a surer bet. :-)

Maggie said...

Jimmy and Wade, I'm sorry to hear about the lilies. I suppose the bright side (?) of the dogs ruining our gardens is that they have so darn much fun doing it.

Frances, Thanks for the rosemary tip! I love learning tips like that.

Carolyn said...

Loved your survivor beans! My dog Rosie doesn't dig in the garden, but she samples all the veggies and berries she can get her big paws on. Lovely blog!