Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Harvest

It's not much, but it's a start. Today I thinned some of the radishes. What a surprise! These were supposed to all be Cherry Belles- standard red outside, white inside. The lighting doesn't really show just how much the colors vary. I love the purple one on the right. I was going to bring in some arugula as well, but was sidetracked when I reached my arm into an ant nest. Ants swarming up your arm... not fun. Now I itch like crazy- darn tiny ants. I'll retrieve the arugula later.


chaiselongue said...

It's lovely to pick the first vegetables of the season. And your radishes look delicious. The colour varietations are interesting too - is the flavour different from colour to colour?

Maggie said...

chaiselongue, I had the purple one and a larger red one at dinner tonight. I want to say they tasted slightly different; but it may have been related to the size difference. I brought in another, larger purple one today so I will pay more attention next time and report back!